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PointBlank - Dreamcast Development

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is a free, open source, Phoenix Arcade machine emulator for the Sega Dreamcast.

Features include:
  • Phoenix and Pleiads Emulation
  • Controller Support
  • 2 Player Support
  • Partial Sound (Phoenix Only)
  • Dipswitch Settings
  • GUI
  • Visual Memory Unit LCD Support



You can download the binaries and source code here.

In order to burn a CD image to run on the Dreamcast, you may like to consult the newbie documents at www.dcemulation.com.

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DCPhoenix 0.5 - Disk Juggler Image
Burn straight to a CD!

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DCPhoenix 0.5 - Nero Image
Burn straight to a CD!

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DCPhoenix 0.5 - Binary Release
Precompiled binaries.


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DCPhoenix 0.5 - Source Release
Binaries and Source Code.


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DCPhoenix - CD Cover
Crazymofo's CD Cover.

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Jabawape 2.1 - Source Release
Darren Finck's Phoenix Emulator for DOS.

DCPhoenix was based on this emulator.


Contacting the Author

If you want to help out, or make any suggestions then feel free to contact me.

I may not have time to answer all questions, but I'll do my best.